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Tithing is a spiritual law. You give of the first fruits; you give first to God in thanks for all that comes to you. When you do this without seeking any return, but openly in gratitude for what you have received, you keep yourself under God's law, or grace, rather than the law of the negative realms. It is one way of keeping your eyes on the Lord.
— John-Roger, DSS

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Law of Assumption 2

I am always wowed when I read about the law of assumption. It wakes me up.

We humans are experts at making negative assumptions: I’m unworthy; I’m terrible; I’m a failure; I’ll never get anywhere; God doesn’t love me. You can be equally successful at holding to your true direction and overcoming whatever distracts you. Here is how this practice works: whenever you experience a distraction—let’s say, feeling unworthy—go back to your center, find the clarity within, and say, “Right now, through invoking the Law of Assumption, I assume that this feeling of unworthiness is gone and will stay gone. I’m busy doing other things. I don’t have time for this distraction.”

The part of us that keeps the spiritual Law of Assumption from working is the ego. The false self uses the power of the mind and the emotions, backed by willpower and the power of the body, to prevent us from manifesting wonderful things in the world. But there’s a bigger will, the Soul. Once you connect with the Soul, the ego seems like nothing. You wonder why you allowed your life to be run by such an inconsequential thing!

If you start assuming that you are Soul, you will become Soul, the Beloved. This is not something that will happen in some future time and place. It is true right here, right now.

(from What's It Like Being You by John-Roger, DSS, with Paul Kaye)

Posted by Paul Kaye at 8:47 PM
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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Law of Assumption

We make a lot of assumptions in life, and we can get into a mess by not checking them out and communicating clearly. We assume things that we later find out aren’t so.

But before we dismiss assumption altogether, we should look at its positive side, its spiritual counterpart. When your consciousness is crystal clear, you can assume things and know that they are so. This is an entirely different process from ordinary assumption. In the spiritual realm, first you know something, then you assume; you claim your knowing.

As you assume this knowing, you become Soul, you become love, you become joy, you become health. In your heart, you become all those things. Can you really become all those things? Do it now.

Use the Law of Assumption for your upliftment and spiritual growth. Assume that you are healthy, assume that you are awake, assume that you are divine, assume that you have abundance. God didn’t put us on Earth and say, “Beg.” He said, “All I’ve got is yours.”

When you live by the Law of Assumption, you cannot second-guess or doubt yourself. There must be crystal clarity inside you, a deep, certain knowing, not merely belief.

(From What's It Like Being You by John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye)

Posted by Paul Kaye at 10:30 PM
Keywords: Assumption
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