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You must fulfill the regulations: get the tithe in the mail. Once God gets it, he gives you the return, but you must do your part first. He tells you the law, and then you start it. But, in a way, God started it first because he gave us everything, in abundance.
— John-Roger, DSS

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mandated Empathy and other Laughing Matters!

Got this yesterday from a regular blog reader:

Loved your blog today Paul! Beautiful summation of what works and being spiritual warriors by being practical! Prepare, do the best, and stay the middle ground [moderation]--my take on J-R's words.

Anyway, Since you started blogging - I have:

Paid off my debts [$1,000 left for my car to pay - it's in the bank]
Saving MORE every month then I spend
Money Magnant is over $10,000.00 and half of it is earning interest
Savings in cash at hand for emergencies - over a $1,000
Been keeping a budget since last fall - and see my wealth building increasing daily - regardless of worldly circumstances
Retirement pension - that was invested extremely conservative is still paying off positive in interest
Taking better care of my health
Built a supportive, viable and valuable friendships as well as my own personal family.

I just don't own any land, and I don't have any gold bars or ounces.

I do a lot of spiritual practices, so that may make up for lack of property!

Much loving to you, really appreciated the metaphor you've been using for the game of "Go" - and how Asia has mastered this one for years! Makes you wonder - China investing in USA for many years now.


We've been talking about empathy on this blog recently. Now it's mandated!


Oh-oh, I missed step number 5 yesterday--

Do your best to have a good laugh, as often as you can.

Laughter is good for your health and reduces stress and has a myriad of other benefits. Read this post on laughter from the Mayo Clinic.

Posted by Paul Kaye at 1:58 PM
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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Middle Game--Part Five

When you are attuned to the law of empathy, it will work through all of your levels—physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, and sexually. Empathy will not even permit you to err against another human being because you will pay the price immediately. In empathy we live in the Beloved, the living love of the spiritual heart, for that is our true freedom.

In that living love, empathy comes as an involuntary action, without thought. (Sympathy has a different quality and comes as a voluntary action, for example when we say, “Oh, I feel so sorry for you.") When empathy comes forward, it moves the soul, it moves the body, it moves the mind and the emotions, and completes the action at hand— fulfilling the spiritual laws of acceptance, cooperation, understanding, and enthusiasm. For empathy is based upon these spiritual laws.

Those of you who are living these spiritual laws and learning from them and loving with them will rapidly enter into this empathy in which all things will be made known to you. For God is pouring forth the Spirit into these days that are with us now, and even though we may see starvation, floods, wars, and countries going bankrupt, we will know the law of empathy. For if we don’t know starvation and we have no empathy, it will be brought to us to experience it. God bless those who can move to the law of empathy, for you sidestep the lessons that would be presented to you otherwise.

(From: The Rest of Your Life by John-Roger, DSS, with Paul Kaye)


In the game of Go when the stones are placed adjacent to each other they are strong. Several stones placed in this way begin to exert influence across the board. The more stones placed together in this way the greater the reach of the influence.

The reach and influence of the U.S.A is huge. It's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)--the market value of all final goods and services from a nation in a given year--is over three times that of the second nation, Japan. The U.S. defense budget exceeds the defense budget of all the countries in the world combined.

So one of the most important battles in the Middle Game is:

3. The Battle for the Dollar

Already there are rumblings these past week that first China, and now a committee at the U.N. want to challenge the reserve status of the U.S. dollar. This is a clear attempt to weaken U.S. influence. Without this status the U.S. could not print its own money and still have it universally acceptable.

Then there is the great internal battle in the U.S. itself:

4. The Battle over Healthcare

This affects all of us who live in the U.S., particularly us baby boomers. Oh my goodness what a long drawn out battle this is going to be. Our best recourse is to stay as healthy as we can.


As I have mentioned, so far the government solution to our monetary and debt problems has been to spend more money and get into more debt. What can we do? The only thing I keep coming back to is to follow the spiritual principles of abundance and prosperity. As I mentioned to someone I was talking to today, it is not about us getting money rich, although that certainly is a possibility, but it is often what does not come to us. It is like we are surrounded by Teflon. Things come towards us but don't touch us. It is living a blessed life, by placing God first.

I am still awed by John Morton saying, “If I tithe, I know God.” And then J-R saying, "It’s very true that if you tithe you know God, but it is also true that if you want to know God, you tithe."

I mean, what more do we need to know about abundance? And we can feel blessed as we send Light to the Battles of the Middle Game and observe them with neutrality and empathy.

Posted by Paul Kaye at 10:54 PM
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Thursday, March 19, 2009


From The Rest of Your Life by John-Roger, DSS, with Paul Kaye:

Those who misunderstand will say, “Don’t you have empathy for me?" That is emotionalizing. They might say, “Have some pity on me.” But the law of empathy is invoked naturally, through loving, not through manipulation.

When we look into each others’ eyes we may be overwhelmed with the spiritual love that the Beloved represents, and as we reach out and touch and hug, we find that we say nice things and become one with that person. We may even become lovingly protective of the person, and in doing so we fulfill the question asked ages ago, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Yes, we are our brother’s keeper through empathy because we will not strike out against that which is hurting. We will caress what is hurting, and we will lift it because we will know it and see it for what it is and bring it into harmony with the Beloved. We will know what to do intuitively and instinctively because the law of empathy has been placed within mankind.

The law of empathy has always been here. But now it has been revealed and manifested for our time. That means it will travel throughout this world, and you will see empathy uproot and change and bring about what is once again to become new. It will touch everything. Mineral, vegetable, and animal will be touched through the law of empathy.

For the law of empathy is a golden circle, like a ring, or a crown that represents the royalty of each individual, the highest point of a human being. And those who place this ring or crown upon their head over their forehead will be crowned heirs to the kingdom of heaven.

But the school of empathy is a very demanding school. You must go into it accepting all things, cooperating with all things, understanding all things, and being enthusiastic as you work with all things. Then as you have empathy towards all things, you will glow.

Posted by Paul Kaye at 6:55 PM
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